Commercial Leases – Drafting and Review

Locating a property or a tenant for leasing can be a very time-consuming process, so it’s understandable that parties often rush to get the lease signed; however, having a good lease agreement that’s been drafted and reviewed by an attorney can be essential.  If issues or disputes arise between the landlord and tenant, it will be too late to address problems with the lease agreement.

Almost everyone has had the opportunity to review a lease during their life, but commercial leases are far more complex.  Further, consumer protection laws that save renters from bad landlords often only apply to residential leases, not commercial.  With commercial leases, the laws generally assume you are a sophisticated business person and were not “taken advantage of” if your landlord or tenant gives you an unfair lease agreement. Continue reading “Commercial Leases – Drafting and Review”

Buying or Selling a Maryland Business – Commercial Leases

The fourth article in a series on the purchase and sale of a Maryland business. In this article I address the importance of ensuring necessary commercial leases are preserved following a business sale.

For many businesses, the business location is its most valuable asset.  This remains true even if the company only leases the location.  Therefore, maintaining the right to use the property following the transfer is of utmost importance.  If the lease is valuable to the buyer, it should not be assumed the seller has the right to sublease or assign the lease to the buyer.

Continue reading “Buying or Selling a Maryland Business – Commercial Leases”